Writing time


Now I’ve just only started this blog three days ago, and already, I feel doubts creeping up.

Doubts that I won’t be able to produce content. Doubts about finding the time to write at all.

And the little devil on one shoulder whispering : “Hey, why don’t you let it all be and get down on the couch for some relaxed time. You could still get over an hour of senseless TV-watching before going to bed.”

And I find that that is just the biggest problem of all. Not finding the time. If I really wanted to, I could wake up an hour earlier, and write in the early morning hours, while I’m still fresh and creative. Although for the moment I honestly can’t face getting up even earlier than the daily 5.45 a.m., I know that it is a very logic approach to the issue. The main problem is that I have, as always, a thousand excuses as to why every other thing would do me so much more good than being strict with myself and getting the job done.

I guess that’s the point where I have to get to my senses again and think about how much I have been thinking and longing for this blog and how many hundreds of blogs I have already written during all that time in my head. The only matter is now to find a way to catch all the inspiration as it passes by, and write that great content that I draft in my head.

I’m not there yet, but convinced I’ll find my own way to it…


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