Grumpy running?


You know these mornings when you just get up grumpy? And there’s nothing and noone that can change anything about it?

Yup, that’s me today. I had a tiring evening last night, with quarreling and whining kids, lots of “discussions” (aka nonsense arguments – when did the notion of “Mom’s the boss” get lost throughout the shift of generations???) and thus a very unsatisfying and unharmornious day. Which almost always leads to me to getting up just in the same mood I went to bed. Grumpy.

A glorious grumpy me. Whining about every task at work. Not getting anything done although I’m already sitting here for 2 hours at work. And in the mood for canceling my running date at lunch, and replace it with some junk food session.

BUT, I’ll try and breathe deeply, focus on my work, get things done, and go run at noon. And eat that salad that is waiting in the fridge. Maybe buy a chocolate bar to reward me if I actually go on the run. And I know that, of course, I will feel much better afterwards. Less likely to bark at anyone.


Grumpy run


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