Zucchini oh zucchini… what to do with y’all?


Zucchini harvest

It’s zucchini harvesting time here. Still. It doesn’t stop. In fact, the zucchinis are the only thing that grows wonderfully well in my garden. It kind of spreads over the whole raised bed taking any space from the cucumbers or salads. I haven’t been able to grow any salad all summer, it just simply gets sucked up by some other plant, or disappears one day when the slugs have stopped by.
And what the worst thing is : the family doesn’t love zucchinis all that much. I find them great, but have to agree that I’m kind of clueless as to what to make of them.
Beginning of the week I started cleaning up the garden a bit, to give more space and air to all of the plants, and had to harvest the zucchinis. I took one plant away (yes, it broke my heart) because it was just too huge, but still got 5 different zucchinis, yellow and green, of all sizes.
So, in a huge waft of motivation to stock up the freezer again and get more organized when it gets to lunch hour at work, I thought I’d get it over with and search for some recipes that would be freezer friendly and would be eaten by everybody at home. In short, something where there’s also meat, and where you can’t see the zucchini too much.
First I stumbled over this recipe over at Island bakes which looks like it could help me work out some of the green peppers as well, and there’s chicken in it – perfect. The corn bread looks nice and freezer friendly as well, and might all in all make good dinners ready to pop out of the freezer in lazy times.

Enf of Summer Herby Chicken Chili

And although I still have some bad memory of a zucchini bread from last year, I decided I’d try something in that direction to make freezable small portions that I could take out for my lunch packages at work. I’m going to test the recipe from aMusingfoodie because it looks like it gets a good result both in small portions and bigger portions. I’m still very sceptical… but I’ll give it another try.

The rest of the vegetables I’m going to keep for some fresh salad-in-a-jar next week. I tested it once and it worked quite well, I’ll just have to get some more inspiration to make different salads (had prepared 4 same salads… was a bit much at the end of the week) and then it should work out fine.



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