Weekend Edition – The Genius of Curiosity Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips


If you’re like me, juggling between the job you “have” to do, to earn money, and the growing love to writing, then you should absolutely read this post.
Two things particularly caught my mind. First of all, the passion versus curiosity part. This is EXACTLY what I have always been wondering about. How do people manage to be so passionate about anything? I’m more the kind of “Oh yes, this is going to be THE new hobby!” I’ll dive into something, absolutely frenetic about it, then a couple of weeks later, I’ll think “ah well, that was nice, but… let’s go over to something new.” In the meantime, I’ll have stocked up heaps of projects for that passion. Be it sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, cooking, or themes like detox, ab training sessions… you see, it is veeeery varied. And I’ll make plans for it. Schemes, excel tables as to how to do to manage to finish the projects by some given deadline.
The problem with this is that I’m driving myself crazy. I’ll then be feeling guilty for not doing what I am supposed to be doing to be good on my working timeline. And this for absolutely unimportant things, basically. But it makes me feel like I’m failing all the time. Failing my self-imposed targets and failing to be perfect in every domain I chose to be.
So the concept of “there is no perfect time” or, which mostly works for me “say yes, and think about how to achieve it later”, is the best concept to live by. I love making strategies, but honestly, they never bring me anywhere.
The only thing that has always lead to unexpected success for me was just going for the impossible, follow some deep inner gut feeling, and steer towards it. No thinking. No planning.
I started my blog a year ago, almost exactly to the date. I wrote for a couple of weeks, probably made some excel chart for the writing timeline as well, and then, well, life happened. And it was a heavy year that followed with difficult periods in the life of a family. I did though manage to get on a little bit with writing my novel, but I caught myself so very often thinking about what the hell I thought I would accomplish. I’ll never send in any novel. I’ll never get published. I’ll always have to do my job till the rest of my life. And that means for still many many years.
But then, one day last month, I was overcome by a longing to share my thoughts. Not with friends or family, but with some people out there, I don’t know, and probably never will know. And I started to write again. No matter how stupid it may seem to write again after a year of silence. I just had to follow this longing to share my ideas, my thoughts, my motivations.
And honestly, it has done me great good! It has made me feel so much lighter these last two weeks, you just can’t imagine. And although I was tempted to start an excel sheet, to plan towards something, I didn’t. I just write. Sometimes a couple of times a day. Some days I don’t. I just follow my instinct and go on with it.
And it feels great!

Found on 4.bp.blogspot.com

Found on 4.bp.blogspot.com

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The Genius of Curiosity

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