How to cut oneself some slack



After a day like today, having completed stuff at work I’ve been pushing away for a looong time, then getting all the house cleaned in the evening… Just deserves a “high five” to myself! I mean, I’ve been all week doing housework till late in the evening (for my standards), got the freezer filled, got sone good projects finalized at work, even planted some salads and greens (and watered them every evening!!! Apparently that helps to avoid them dying under your eyes) and got all laundry done, bathrooms and floors cleaned!
And that’s the moment where you have to celebrate thr moment, right?
My advice: be good to yourself, you deserve it!!
Happy weekend to all!

P.S. Yes, these are strawberries fresh from the garden in a glass of ice cold crémant. The kids forgot they had picked them (the strawberries) so, good for me! 😀

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