Yup, that’s right.


It’s Thursday. Lunch run day. And I’m looking soooo much forward to it!
That’s the good part of it, when you actually are working quickly the morning off to get out, put on your sneakers and get on a run.

Ok, I admit. It’s mostly because of the audiobook I’m still listening to, the 50 shades of grey. I’m hooked. There’s no other words for it.

Just hooked. I had the luxury of an afternoon without the kids, working in my garden and doing housework (ok, that part is not the luxury), but on my own, so I was listening the story for about 5 hours continuously. Jeez, that’s just one of the best things in life, doing something without too much interruption. It was almost like holidays!

And yes, it almost makes me wanna go for an 8 km run instead the usual 6 km…. now that’s what I call motivation!! 🙂

Grumpy running?


You know these mornings when you just get up grumpy? And there’s nothing and noone that can change anything about it?

Yup, that’s me today. I had a tiring evening last night, with quarreling and whining kids, lots of “discussions” (aka nonsense arguments – when did the notion of “Mom’s the boss” get lost throughout the shift of generations???) and thus a very unsatisfying and unharmornious day. Which almost always leads to me to getting up just in the same mood I went to bed. Grumpy.

A glorious grumpy me. Whining about every task at work. Not getting anything done although I’m already sitting here for 2 hours at work. And in the mood for canceling my running date at lunch, and replace it with some junk food session.

BUT, I’ll try and breathe deeply, focus on my work, get things done, and go run at noon. And eat that salad that is waiting in the fridge. Maybe buy a chocolate bar to reward me if I actually go on the run. And I know that, of course, I will feel much better afterwards. Less likely to bark at anyone.


Grumpy run

Keep your calm and look at the good sides


This morning I woke up already feeling grumpy. Not because I’d slept badly or anything like that. Just because I knew I had to get to work for a couple of hours this afternoon. It would break up completely my day, and annoyed me to hell.

Mostly I was also annoyed because I knew that my presence at the event this afternoon was absolutely superfluous, and the few hours lost there would feel even worse, because it was just a waste of time. Furthermore, I was supposed to be holding a coffee and cake gathering with some friends this afternoon, and going to town and work would make the preparation way more complicated. So the whole morning it was as if there were a grinch running around the kitchen, preparing stuff, shoving the kids out into the garden to be able to get the cakes done…

And on my way to work in the car, I suddenly thought to myself. Damned. You did it again. Let something that was no real catastrophe at all ruin your day just because you decided it would ruin your day.

It happens to me so often, I moan and complain about something I have to do that I don’t want to, and instead of getting it done, planning it into my schedule as there obviously is no way around it anyway, I let it put me in a bad mood. And all the other people around me unfortunately have to suffer as well.

Now as I had supposed, it was a complete waste of time. And yes, the kids have managed to mess up the kitchen and living room in the two hours I left (that I had mopped and cleaned yesterday till late in the evening). And yes, I should now be cleaning it all up, get the table ready.

But hey, the kids are happy, they’re building a fort with all the living room cushions and covers (half of the play kitchen is outside as well… oh but right now I see that the soccer ball is also making its way out which is actually a very good thing, rather than having it in my kitchen). And there’s still half of the day left, time left to write a little post for my blog, time to fix myself a coffee and eat some chocolate before my friends arrive, so : looking at the good side of life, after all, it IS weekend!


Writing time


Now I’ve just only started this blog three days ago, and already, I feel doubts creeping up.

Doubts that I won’t be able to produce content. Doubts about finding the time to write at all.

And the little devil on one shoulder whispering : “Hey, why don’t you let it all be and get down on the couch for some relaxed time. You could still get over an hour of senseless TV-watching before going to bed.”

And I find that that is just the biggest problem of all. Not finding the time. If I really wanted to, I could wake up an hour earlier, and write in the early morning hours, while I’m still fresh and creative. Although for the moment I honestly can’t face getting up even earlier than the daily 5.45 a.m., I know that it is a very logic approach to the issue. The main problem is that I have, as always, a thousand excuses as to why every other thing would do me so much more good than being strict with myself and getting the job done.

I guess that’s the point where I have to get to my senses again and think about how much I have been thinking and longing for this blog and how many hundreds of blogs I have already written during all that time in my head. The only matter is now to find a way to catch all the inspiration as it passes by, and write that great content that I draft in my head.

I’m not there yet, but convinced I’ll find my own way to it…