Yup, that’s right.


It’s Thursday. Lunch run day. And I’m looking soooo much forward to it!
That’s the good part of it, when you actually are working quickly the morning off to get out, put on your sneakers and get on a run.

Ok, I admit. It’s mostly because of the audiobook I’m still listening to, the 50 shades of grey. I’m hooked. There’s no other words for it.

Just hooked. I had the luxury of an afternoon without the kids, working in my garden and doing housework (ok, that part is not the luxury), but on my own, so I was listening the story for about 5 hours continuously. Jeez, that’s just one of the best things in life, doing something without too much interruption. It was almost like holidays!

And yes, it almost makes me wanna go for an 8 km run instead the usual 6 km…. now that’s what I call motivation!! 🙂

The moment when reality kicks in…


… like yesterday evening, when I was trying on several skirts I had bought quickly at H&M this week. I had picked them in size small or 36 European size as usual, and hadn’t time to try them on.

Yesterday evening, big moment of frustration : the skirts were WAY too small. When did that happen? All my life I’ve been that size, except during pregnancy, and somehow, since the last pregnancy, I’ve become suddenly much older as well, and no matter what I do, the extra kilos just won’t come off, and the muffin top and all the other stuff is just stuck!

It’s just not fair! I thought last night. I mean, we’re the ones going through all the pregnancy-body transformation things, we grow huge, we lose some of it, then we work like hell to get rid of it… Honestly, I’m a strong defender of the fact that all this should be rewarded by a really nice and athletic body after giving birth. I mean, that would be the least nature could have given us to give us a little “thank you” note, no?

Well, at least it got me motivated to go on my run this noon anyway. Friday is the “long run” day, where I try to do my 8 km. But as for the eating part… (which is probably where my “not-losing-weight” problem has its origins)… I’m longing for a lazy chips and popcorn evening on the couch… guess those skirts are gonna wait a couple of months more to get worn…

Grumpy running?


You know these mornings when you just get up grumpy? And there’s nothing and noone that can change anything about it?

Yup, that’s me today. I had a tiring evening last night, with quarreling and whining kids, lots of “discussions” (aka nonsense arguments – when did the notion of “Mom’s the boss” get lost throughout the shift of generations???) and thus a very unsatisfying and unharmornious day. Which almost always leads to me to getting up just in the same mood I went to bed. Grumpy.

A glorious grumpy me. Whining about every task at work. Not getting anything done although I’m already sitting here for 2 hours at work. And in the mood for canceling my running date at lunch, and replace it with some junk food session.

BUT, I’ll try and breathe deeply, focus on my work, get things done, and go run at noon. And eat that salad that is waiting in the fridge. Maybe buy a chocolate bar to reward me if I actually go on the run. And I know that, of course, I will feel much better afterwards. Less likely to bark at anyone.


Grumpy run

Ready for the next audiobook…


Water for elephants

I just completed my latest audiobook “Water for elephants” and I enjoyed it greatly. All the time while listening to it I had the feeling I had seen the movie about it, because there was some recognition. Now I googled the movie, and noticed I never saw it, because I don’t remember watching Robert Pattinson in anything else than the vampire movies (yes, I’m ashamed. But the novels were really good, and then I thought I had to watch the movies, with the result that I realized : I’m really no teenager anymore and it’s just not the same when you’re 33…).
So probably I must have read the novel at some time. And the fact that I read / listen to something twice is really revealing about the topic at hand, because it was just simply nice listening to.

Now I just started 50 shades of grey, which is going to be a looooong journey. I think it’s going to occupy my runs until Christmas at least.

50 shades of grey

Depends on the number of runs I do during the week of course. I might have to throw in some longer weekend runs which wouldn’t do me any harm I guess, in case I get the opportunity for an hour of “me”-time on weekends. Until now, I’m a bit sceptical. But I guess it’s like always with the beginning of a new novel, you have to get into the mood. Usually I’m more the crime novel type and have my favourites like James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Kathy Reichs and that stuff. I like to juggle between mystery / crime and comedy, and nothing is more fun than trying to control your laughing fits when listening to audiobooks by Janet Evanovich! It’s just one of these “good-mood” things that you can do nothing about.

But as there’s been this huge hype about the novel series, I thought it would be a “must” to read it. I’ll try to keep my mind open about it… still convincing myself…


My running partner and motivator


iPod running

I don’t know about you, but my only way to get out running is to have some possibility of multitasking at the same time. The fact that I’m taking this personal “me” time makes me feel quite bad, as it is actually taking time off working during lunch hour, or time with the kids or fixing supper at home.

So when I do get out to run, I like to make it doubly worth it. My best companion is my iPod on which I listen to audiobooks of all kinds. Right now I’m finishing “Water for elephants”, which I have actually already seen as a movie but enjoy immensely as an audio book as well. The good thing about me and movies is that I can watch them over and over again, as I always forget how they ended. So listening to the audio book doesn’t feel like repeating it all over, but more like “ah yeah right, that’s what happened”. Sometimes short memory is good 🙂

I’ve got through at least 15 audiobooks during last year, and even listen to them while doing household chores I really do not enjoy doing that much. Like the bi-weekly vacuum cleaning, washing the floors, cleaning the bathrooms…. the two hours go by much better that way! And as a bonus, you can hear less well when your kids are whining about something 🙂 Just kidding, or sort of…

And I’m looking greatly forward to the next audiobook I put on the iPod, which is “50 shades of grey”. I knew I would never make it to read it through, as I can’t manage to get any spare time for reading anymore, so I got it as an audiobook instead. I guess though it’s gonna take me at least until Christmas to get it through.

Happy running folks!

Smile – it scares people!


Sometimes, little details in everyday make you smile.
Today, on my lunch hour run (I wasn’t really too hot on doing it, being still sore and frustrated from the bad run the day before) I had an unusual encounter.

Suddenly, a man on a bike cycled next to me and tried to catch my attention. He was around 45 years old, and had some paperwork in his hand, so I was rather sure he was going to ask for directions to some public administration or other. To my surprise, he asked : Are you in a hurry?

I just smiled, waiting for his question.

He continued : Do you want me to pick you up on my bike? It’ll be less tiring that way!

And hadn’t I been running and trying to breathe evenly to avoid any side stings, I would have laughed out loud. The sympathetic man cycled on, happy as a peach, as if nothing had happened.

Strange ways sometimes.

In the meantime, I had lost a bit of the thriller I was listening to on my iPod, and to finish the run, its battery ran low just 10 minutes before the end of the run. I’ll really have to get it going tonight and continue during the cleaning or ironing session tonight, as I was THIS close to knowing who the murderer was.  Kay Scarpetta rules!