How to cut oneself some slack



After a day like today, having completed stuff at work I’ve been pushing away for a looong time, then getting all the house cleaned in the evening… Just deserves a “high five” to myself! I mean, I’ve been all week doing housework till late in the evening (for my standards), got the freezer filled, got sone good projects finalized at work, even planted some salads and greens (and watered them every evening!!! Apparently that helps to avoid them dying under your eyes) and got all laundry done, bathrooms and floors cleaned!
And that’s the moment where you have to celebrate thr moment, right?
My advice: be good to yourself, you deserve it!!
Happy weekend to all!

P.S. Yes, these are strawberries fresh from the garden in a glass of ice cold crémant. The kids forgot they had picked them (the strawberries) so, good for me! 😀

The moment when reality kicks in…


… like yesterday evening, when I was trying on several skirts I had bought quickly at H&M this week. I had picked them in size small or 36 European size as usual, and hadn’t time to try them on.

Yesterday evening, big moment of frustration : the skirts were WAY too small. When did that happen? All my life I’ve been that size, except during pregnancy, and somehow, since the last pregnancy, I’ve become suddenly much older as well, and no matter what I do, the extra kilos just won’t come off, and the muffin top and all the other stuff is just stuck!

It’s just not fair! I thought last night. I mean, we’re the ones going through all the pregnancy-body transformation things, we grow huge, we lose some of it, then we work like hell to get rid of it… Honestly, I’m a strong defender of the fact that all this should be rewarded by a really nice and athletic body after giving birth. I mean, that would be the least nature could have given us to give us a little “thank you” note, no?

Well, at least it got me motivated to go on my run this noon anyway. Friday is the “long run” day, where I try to do my 8 km. But as for the eating part… (which is probably where my “not-losing-weight” problem has its origins)… I’m longing for a lazy chips and popcorn evening on the couch… guess those skirts are gonna wait a couple of months more to get worn…



I have to reblog this sketch form Doodlemum, which fits quite well with yesterday’s kid vs. mom discussion…


This is the month of spiders. There is a lot of them around this year, big ones too.
Very big ones…
I don’t mind them myself but my kids don’t seem to fond, (nor is Myles come to think of it).

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