Yup, that’s right.


It’s Thursday. Lunch run day. And I’m looking soooo much forward to it!
That’s the good part of it, when you actually are working quickly the morning off to get out, put on your sneakers and get on a run.

Ok, I admit. It’s mostly because of the audiobook I’m still listening to, the 50 shades of grey. I’m hooked. There’s no other words for it.

Just hooked. I had the luxury of an afternoon without the kids, working in my garden and doing housework (ok, that part is not the luxury), but on my own, so I was listening the story for about 5 hours continuously. Jeez, that’s just one of the best things in life, doing something without too much interruption. It was almost like holidays!

And yes, it almost makes me wanna go for an 8 km run instead the usual 6 km…. now that’s what I call motivation!! 🙂

Ready for the next audiobook…


Water for elephants

I just completed my latest audiobook “Water for elephants” and I enjoyed it greatly. All the time while listening to it I had the feeling I had seen the movie about it, because there was some recognition. Now I googled the movie, and noticed I never saw it, because I don’t remember watching Robert Pattinson in anything else than the vampire movies (yes, I’m ashamed. But the novels were really good, and then I thought I had to watch the movies, with the result that I realized : I’m really no teenager anymore and it’s just not the same when you’re 33…).
So probably I must have read the novel at some time. And the fact that I read / listen to something twice is really revealing about the topic at hand, because it was just simply nice listening to.

Now I just started 50 shades of grey, which is going to be a looooong journey. I think it’s going to occupy my runs until Christmas at least.

50 shades of grey

Depends on the number of runs I do during the week of course. I might have to throw in some longer weekend runs which wouldn’t do me any harm I guess, in case I get the opportunity for an hour of “me”-time on weekends. Until now, I’m a bit sceptical. But I guess it’s like always with the beginning of a new novel, you have to get into the mood. Usually I’m more the crime novel type and have my favourites like James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Kathy Reichs and that stuff. I like to juggle between mystery / crime and comedy, and nothing is more fun than trying to control your laughing fits when listening to audiobooks by Janet Evanovich! It’s just one of these “good-mood” things that you can do nothing about.

But as there’s been this huge hype about the novel series, I thought it would be a “must” to read it. I’ll try to keep my mind open about it… still convincing myself…