Smile – it scares people!


Sometimes, little details in everyday make you smile.
Today, on my lunch hour run (I wasn’t really too hot on doing it, being still sore and frustrated from the bad run the day before) I had an unusual encounter.

Suddenly, a man on a bike cycled next to me and tried to catch my attention. He was around 45 years old, and had some paperwork in his hand, so I was rather sure he was going to ask for directions to some public administration or other. To my surprise, he asked : Are you in a hurry?

I just smiled, waiting for his question.

He continued : Do you want me to pick you up on my bike? It’ll be less tiring that way!

And hadn’t I been running and trying to breathe evenly to avoid any side stings, I would have laughed out loud. The sympathetic man cycled on, happy as a peach, as if nothing had happened.

Strange ways sometimes.

In the meantime, I had lost a bit of the thriller I was listening to on my iPod, and to finish the run, its battery ran low just 10 minutes before the end of the run. I’ll really have to get it going tonight and continue during the cleaning or ironing session tonight, as I was THIS close to knowing who the murderer was.  Kay Scarpetta rules!

Keep to your own rules


Mom on the run

To be honest, I’m a rather lazy person. People around me usually think I’m extremely active, almost hyperactive as they see me buzzing around all the time.
Yet, I guess this is just due to the fact, that as I’m not that tall, I result in having shorter legs, and when I walk around in the office, especially in high-heeled shoes, it just makes a lot of noise. Which gives the impression I’m under constant stress and am awfully busy.

But as I just said, I am a profounfly lazy person. Having established and accepted that fact about myself, I’ve started to learn how to manage that lazyness that takes hold of me and all my motivation if I only let it slip past my determination to get something done. So I have to create rules to myself. Very simple, basic rules. Many things, that our own mothers teached us, and that I have difficulty keeping up being an adult.

  1. Make my bed in the morning. Yup, took me 32 years to get that one going… and I’ve been doing it for some months now and feel enormously proud of myself when I go to bed in the evening and look at a well-made bed (in the meantime though it mostly has been unmade by one of the kids…)
  2. At the office : do the unpleasant things first. I’m still very bad at it… which is why this morning I spent half of my morning thinking and dreaming about how to set up this blog, and am now typing this post. Three post-its are waiting to be attended to, as some calls and some rather important papers to be written. I’ll start again anew tomorrow, promised!
  3. In the evenings : not to watch TV before 9 p.m. : this is a new one, which I’ve manage to hold up a couple of days in the last week (it’s a rather new concept). This week, not really yet, but I realised this is a very efficient rule, as you really get a lot of small stuff done in that time, some cleaning, putting away toys and leftovers, and it makes you wake up the next morning and thinking : wow! my kitchen actually looks clean!

The same thing goes with my attempt to get fitter again. I usually run between 30 and 45 minutes at least one lunchtime a week, and up to three times. But the problem is, that so often an appointment or just bad time-management at work, or some minor family disaster keep interrupting this schedule. And I usually let it interrupt it very easily, as I’m not always that keen on being too sporty.

Today, I was all set. It was the only free lunchtime this week I can go, so I knew I’d really have to go. And by the time I could get away from my blog, it was already rather late. And then, I noticed the battery of my running watch was low. It wasn’t as if my husband had reminded me this morning that I have to recharge it from time to time… And then I saw I hadn’t taken any long sleeved jacket with me. And I had already been freezing at the office, with the radiator on. Stupid mistake.

BUT : Tadaaa : I went on my run anyway. Ok, wasn’t too much of a mountain to overcome, but yet, with motivation being veeery low, the lazyness factor veeery high, and at least two reasons that were more or less acceptable for not going out, I went, and of course felt great afterwards.

Oh, and I almost forgot : all in blog-mode, I wanted to take a nice picture with my hipstamatic app… and it kept blocking! Which makes 3 reasons to be pissed off and going out to buy a piece of cake instead!