Zucchini chicken chili – thumbs up!


Earlier this week I posted about my zucchini management problem and the recipes I wanted to try out at home.

Zucchini harvest

Well, hooray, the first test has been quite good! I tried out the Chicken Chili and it turned out great! The best part being that I could actually use a lot of other vegetables from the garden that I hadn’t had any plans for.

Such as this chili. I think it’s supposed to turn red at one moment.


But honestly, I don’t have a clue, as there’s one red and one green one hanging on the plant… As I had no idea anymore what I had planted and how hot it would be, I had to test it beforehand to avoid any comments like “this is tooo spicy. Help! It burns!!” at the table.

And then there were my green sweet peppers. I mean, this is the problem with my vegetable garden planning. Even while being in my second year at doing this, I still plant things that I don’t know exactly what to do with…

See how the peppers blend in nicely in the pot?


Ah yes, and the onions.


Did you know that this is the way onions grow? Nope, I didn’t either, I just put some onions I had at home and that were starting to sprout into the mud and waited. I had probably seen it by googling or on pinterest. Jeez, the things you learn everyday….

And, tadaaa : this was the result! Yummy right?


It even passed my husband’s test, which consists of spooning into the boiling pot and delivering his verdict, usually with the kids around so the “Uh, not really my thing” gets a dynamic on its own and in the end everyone refuses to eat the dinner I’ve been cooking. But, this time, he actually loved it. Ok, so I had tricked him by putting really lots of chicken in it, because he is more the meat-loving kind of person. But he really loved it!

And I managed to prepare at least 5 meals for myself for lunch at work and a couple for the whole family, which is a good deal at the end of the day!

I also did the cornbread muffins, well in just a slightly different shape because I like the “mini-cake” size. And as Lydia mentioned in her post, I find them quite a lot too sweet for my taste as well.


But they are really really quick and easy (I did them in between putting one then the other kid to bed), and I’m definitely going to keep the recipe and adjust it by lowering the sugar amount. And the texture is really nice, it doesn’t fall apart and isn’t too moist either. So, to be adjusted and put into the recipe book!