My running partner and motivator


iPod running

I don’t know about you, but my only way to get out running is to have some possibility of multitasking at the same time. The fact that I’m taking this personal “me” time makes me feel quite bad, as it is actually taking time off working during lunch hour, or time with the kids or fixing supper at home.

So when I do get out to run, I like to make it doubly worth it. My best companion is my iPod on which I listen to audiobooks of all kinds. Right now I’m finishing “Water for elephants”, which I have actually already seen as a movie but enjoy immensely as an audio book as well. The good thing about me and movies is that I can watch them over and over again, as I always forget how they ended. So listening to the audio book doesn’t feel like repeating it all over, but more like “ah yeah right, that’s what happened”. Sometimes short memory is good 🙂

I’ve got through at least 15 audiobooks during last year, and even listen to them while doing household chores I really do not enjoy doing that much. Like the bi-weekly vacuum cleaning, washing the floors, cleaning the bathrooms…. the two hours go by much better that way! And as a bonus, you can hear less well when your kids are whining about something 🙂 Just kidding, or sort of…

And I’m looking greatly forward to the next audiobook I put on the iPod, which is “50 shades of grey”. I knew I would never make it to read it through, as I can’t manage to get any spare time for reading anymore, so I got it as an audiobook instead. I guess though it’s gonna take me at least until Christmas to get it through.

Happy running folks!