Lemon hot water makes starting the day sweeter… or hotter?


Thermos hot water

I don’t get it. I simply don’t get it. There I am, trying to take up on my good habits again (the ones from half a year ago… yes). It’s my second morning where I manage to spare the extra 3 minutes it takes me to boil water, press a slice of lemon and pour it in a mug.

As I’m still very late the whole week for work, my getting-up-early scheme not entirely working out yet, I decided on the great idea to put it in a thermos mug and drink it on the drive to work. Good idea, no?

So there I go, hands full and ready to walk out. I still have my thermos to pack somewhere, so I put it in my bag. Upright of course. I’m blonde, but not THAT blonde. Then I bend over to fetch something on the ground and “ouch” : a big slurp of hot lemony water runs over my back and of course into the bag. I don’t care much about the bag. It’s falling to pieces anyway. But hot water is, well, hot! Luckily it was only lemon water and not coffee! Guess that’s the positive thing about that new good habit?

I checked the lid, sure that I hadn’t closed it well enough. I remembered it said on the packaging that it wasn’t entirely leak-proof. Well. It isn’t. Absolutely not. The lid was completely closed and I had just as much as held it on the side, not turning it upside down or anything. Crap, I mean, why do they do something like thermos, and it leaks? I don’t get it. Noone walks around perfectly straight with a cup in his hand, right?