Multi-tasking Mom or How on earth to manage to finally paint those fingernails?


nail polish

I just noticed yesterday that there’s no “about” page on my blog. Or at least, I couldn’t find it, and couldn’t figure out how I could put a category like that on the page. But before I write this post, a couple of things about me. I’m a happy mother of two, a girl aged 7 and a boy aged 3. I also work full-time, but with quite ok working hours, so by leaving very early in the morning (I know, very is mostly my vision of the world) I manage to get back before dinner-time, where I take over the kid-shift. My husband manages the kids before and after school, thanks to his more flexible working schedule, which means time is always tight. That’s why I also go running during my lunch hour. It took me a long time to actually allow myself to use those 1,5 to 2 hours for myself instead of working, but it was the only way of getting fitness somewhere into my schedule, without taking more time away from being with the kids. And it was the cheapest one, the only I could afford on a long term.

So here we go, as it comes to make-up and things like that, the percentage of my day that goes into it is about, well, let’s say, something below 0,001%. I get up, brush my teeth, get dressed. Sigh. Look at the mirror. Brush my hair. If it looks too weird (I shower in the evening and often go to bed with wet hair, which varying results in the morning), I fix it in a rubber band. I glance at my clothes, and chose an eyeshadow that goes with it. Mostly violet or grey or brown. Mascara. Fitting earrings. If I feel really motivated, I put on other rings apart from my wedding band and maybe even a necklace. That’s for the days I’m feeling bold. On those days, I might even put on high heel shoes.

All of this takes about 5 minutes, maximum. Oh yes, and no, I rarely put on any day cremes. I have them. Lots of them. I just am way too lazy for it… And tired… Oh no, that’s not correct, I do put on some wannabe magic stick against rings under my eyes. I have no idea whether it works, but it makes me feel a little less crumpled in the morning.

You notice : nowhere ever would there be time for painting fingernails. And don’t even mention toenails. Ever tried doing that in full daylight when the kids are around? No? You have to, it’s really worth the experience and it’s gonna be a complete mess.

So, for times when I think I should try and look a little bit more presentable, I grab my nail polish, put them in my bag, and do the nails at work. Sounds bad, right? But no, it isn’t really. Because the only time you can actually multi-task without endangering your nails is when you’re typing.

So I use the time early in the morning at the office before the phones start ringing (a tip to other early risers : NEVER tell anyone you start working earlier than others. They’ll start calling you at 7 a.m. and honestly, although you might be ready and fit to work on your e-mails or writing some documents, nobody is ready to enregister some serious phone conversation that early in the morning.)

I put on the base coat, type away, let it dry. Second coat with colour, same procedure. And even the top coat, it all works out, and it made me lose, what 3 minutes at the most? Hell, most of us spend looking out of the window (if you have one in your office) or surfing around or even at the coffee machine for way longer than that.